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Database for DxDatabook

Question asked by justin.jansen on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by emurphy

We use DxDatabook to manage the parametric database of our parts.  Originally we started out with excel to drive odbc, then we moved to mysql and wrote a custom front end to the database for creating parts, but it has too many bugs, and I'm trying to evaluate what my other options are, and what the companies out there use to drive their dxdatabook.


We are currently also evaluating Omnify, but I've also heard of using Access (if you have that recommendation, are there any examples you can point me to for the organization and form entry?).  I've also considered Aras, but it seems overly complex if the only purpose of this database is to drive dxdatabook and encourage reuse of existing parts.


We have a team of up to 10 engineers adding parts to the database, so we can't afford an enterprise solution.