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    PADS Pro - Combining nets at a connector pin


      Newer user to the PADS Pro process, current and former PADS Layout user.


      Is it possible to combine two nets at a connector pin, and only at that pin; using PADS Pro?  In Layout, this was not possible.  The way I got around this was to connect this net to a testpoint (in the schematic), place that testpoint near the pin I wanted to connect to; then on an unassigned layer place a copper piece between these two points (pin and testpoint).  In the Gerber routine, I would have to add that layer into the artwork generation.


      This would allow the DRC settings to not allow shorting or combining anywhere else except where I wanted these to be combined.


      Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this in PADS Pro and xDX Designer?

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          Just found this in the Mentor Idea Section i think the title was Starpoint...


          Maybe this will be a help for you, but need to wait for Vx2 i guess



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            There is a Bridging Nets with Copper function that may work for you.

            I have also made a two pin smt part called short. It consist of two pads that overlap minimally.

            I made a few of them with pad sizes to correspond to the trace width I needed to use.

            That way you can tie GNDA to one pad and GNDB to the other. You just need to not have solder mask pads defined

            or because they are pads they will be relieved. This way it shows right in schematic where this tie point is to be located.

            You may be able to use the Bridge function to get DRCs to go away, or just deal with knowing exactly where you will be seeing

            a DRC flag.

            I am not sure how the bridge function handles the two nets tied together with respect to IPC 356A netlist output for netlist test of boards.

            But I usually add a read me text file for the fabricator defining exactly what nets have been tied together for test, otherwise you will get questions.


            Responding to other answer,

            SInceVX2 added a cleaner way of doing this that is great!!! But it is also nice to have this info in schematic also,

            as this helps define with more clarity where it wants to be for design intent.

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              Okay, I like your idea. I am trying to create a part as you indicated.  How do you turn DRC off in the cell editor.

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                Mmm, OK just realizing this is PADS Pro you are using and that is more Expedition like, so you are dealing with cells and not decals.

                In PADS this is not a problem, however in Pro not so sure, because of DRC is it not letting you save? Or other issues?

                Maybe someone familiar with Pro version will jump in on this. I seem to remember back a while in full Expedition this was not a problem,

                we used to do this with cells with no problems. But that goes back a number of versions ago, haven't actually used Expedition in a few years now.

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                  Yup, welcome to my world.  I recognized you user ID from way back using Layout.  You generally provided solid answers.  That is the way I would have done it there as well.  We were forced (by design requirements) to make this jump to PADS Pro.  It has been very painful and costly.  Very steep learning curve, terminology is not even close, You need to set the design units in several places just to have everything come out as you want it.  Two databases need to be maintained for parts / components; one in the program xDX Designer and the other is Access based.



                  This was supposed to be a step forward for capabilities but a big hurdle in reverse from a usability standpoint when compared to PADS Logic / Layout.



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                    Sorry couldn't help further. But yes I just recently learned what Pro actually was, I originally thought

                    it was the full blown version of PADS with all the constraint driven router etc capabilities. But it is really

                    quote an "Expedition Lite"!!!! So I hear ya on the bit more of overhead there is. If you had used Expedition before

                    it would probably not be that much of a deal. But yes there is for sure a little more overhead on both DxDesigner & Expedition

                    than PADS.