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PADS Pro - Combining nets at a connector pin

Question asked by mclark on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by wolferm

Newer user to the PADS Pro process, current and former PADS Layout user.


Is it possible to combine two nets at a connector pin, and only at that pin; using PADS Pro?  In Layout, this was not possible.  The way I got around this was to connect this net to a testpoint (in the schematic), place that testpoint near the pin I wanted to connect to; then on an unassigned layer place a copper piece between these two points (pin and testpoint).  In the Gerber routine, I would have to add that layer into the artwork generation.


This would allow the DRC settings to not allow shorting or combining anywhere else except where I wanted these to be combined.


Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this in PADS Pro and xDX Designer?