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    L-Edit in Ubuntu


      I understand that Ubuntu is not supported by Mentor Graphics for L-Edit. However, at one point, we were able to run L-Edit, S-Edit, and T-Spice (v16.03) in Ubuntu 12.04. This utilized the wine package which had to be installed by hand, however other than that, it seemed to work seamlessly.

      We've now upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and the newer version of the software (2016a) seems to install correctly (again, we have to install wine "manually" using 'apt-get install wine'.  When we start a program from the command line such as:


      it goes through an application registration process and says this one-time setup is complete.  Unfortunately after that, it complains that there is a bad substitution on line 134 of /opt/tanner/bin/ledit.  When attempting to run again, it reports there is an unexpected operator on line 25, one on line 40, and again a bad substitution on line 134.

      Again, I understand that this is not supported. However, does anyone have a suggestion as to how to address get this running properly?

      Thank you!

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          Bad substitution sounds like there may be an issue with the shell you're using. Perhaps you should try a different one. You might also consider running a full installation of Windows with something like Qemu.


          That's about all the advice I can offer.



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            Thank you Guy.

            I expect you are write that the problem is that it was written for /bin/sh and I was using /bin/bash.  What I did find is that if I commented out any if statements that utilized "==" comparators, it worked just fine. I get it -- that is a bit hacky, but in the near term, it seems to work. Honestly, I didn't think enough about it to run it using sh instead of bash...

            Again, thank you.


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              i am getting the following error when trying to install tanner 2016


              Welcome to Tanner Tools for Linux


              Please specify a parent folder for installation.  Files will be placed in a /tanner folder under this path.


              Parent folder name for install? [/opt] ./tanner-2016_2u9-rhel5.bin: 21: read: arg count


              Please let me know how to proceed from here.


              Thanks and REgards

              Prakash G