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Linker file missing sections

Question asked by dsharpe on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by dsharpe

I recently installed Nucleus ReadyStart. I created a Nucleus System project and it builds fine.I then created a Nucleus application using the default Kernel Hello World. When the application compiles I get the following errors.



I am using the mentor supplied BSP for the stm32f429i discovery board. I know the items are missing from the .ld file which is coming from the BSP. My question is how should I define these sections? Any guidance about setting the BSP RTL sections (and any other mandatory sections) for a Nucleus System would be greatly appreciated.


Note: I setup the same Kernel Hello World using the QEMU Nucleus System BSP and everything compiles fine so I am certain the problem is in the .ld file provided with the  stm32f429i discovery board BSP.


I have attached the .ld file from the  stm32f429i discovery board BSP for reference