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Test: Physical net unique Error 4008: Incorrect pin count

Question asked by msutariya on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by robert_davies


I created a new hierarchical design ad I have used some of the interfaces from my previous flat design. While packaging the new design I am getting nearly thousands of error and all are same as shown below for different parts.

ERROR: Unable to disconnect CES pin "U33-2" UID=(323,8487,52) from physical net "GROUND" : Could not disconnect to PhysicalNet CesPin which is referenced to FlatPin
ERROR: Common DataBase lock error for CES physical net "GROUND": No object

This does not allow to package the design.

Then I went to CES from DxDesigner window and ran CES Diagnostic. Result was one error which could not be fixed by clicking "fix the errors".

Error is:

Test: Physical net unique

Error 4008: The pin count for net GROUND may be incorrect because it contains implicit pins and the connectivity has changed. Please package the design to correct Not Fixed.

Result: FAILED

Can you please let me know if anybody has encountered same error? Any idea how to fix this?