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How to verify sub-Contractor Land Patterns

Question asked by m.aquaro on May 2, 2016
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I'll try to be brief.  I am new to this Company Microwave Innovations, they brought me in to Lead and Start PCB Design inhouse.

How ever, I used pads from its start till about 1996.  I have come into a bit of a mess.   What I have is several boards and schematics

done in PADS PCB and PADS Logic  (Why DXDesigner wasn't used ...??) .  the SCH's and Boards have NO cohesiveness and the library ?

Well there isn't one.  What my immediate need is ,  a way to verify the land patterns he put on these boards with the Data Sheets?


I plan on setting up DXDesigner with PADS PCB flow and a central Lib.... but right now I need to verify a few designs ...  Any help?


Martino Aquaro