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    How to verify sub-Contractor Land Patterns



      I'll try to be brief.  I am new to this Company Microwave Innovations, they brought me in to Lead and Start PCB Design inhouse.

      How ever, I used pads from its start till about 1996.  I have come into a bit of a mess.   What I have is several boards and schematics

      done in PADS PCB and PADS Logic  (Why DXDesigner wasn't used ...??) .  the SCH's and Boards have NO cohesiveness and the library ?

      Well there isn't one.  What my immediate need is ,  a way to verify the land patterns he put on these boards with the Data Sheets?


      I plan on setting up DXDesigner with PADS PCB flow and a central Lib.... but right now I need to verify a few designs ...  Any help?


      Martino Aquaro



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          If they have been building it, the parts probably match the datasheets.


          If every thing was done by outside contractors, of course there will be no libraries.  Or consistency from board to board.  My suggestion would be to just leave the existing designs as is, unless there's DFx problems.  Start your own library for new designs, don't try to build it from old designs.  Especially if you need to go from Logic to DxD.  It's not a real clean conversion, if you aren't losing years of libraries, it's not worth the effort.

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            Thank you for the input.  Unfortunately we need to check a few designs the sub just did because in the

            Past some of the Land Patterns have been wrong.   I am going to be using DXD and PADS, ALL New Central Lib etc. etc.

            But we need to finalize some work and it’s a small company …difficult to get things done….. and I am new to PADS…


            Martino Aquaro