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    change of community "credentials" (username, reference email ...)


      Dear Community / Community Admin,


      how do I change my username, or reference email ?

      Is there any way to do so ?


      I went through a few quick Start guides (*.docx) posted in this Forum, but nothing.


      Thanks in advance



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          I also need to change my profile Email address. We were acquired a while back, and now we've be moved over to the acquiring company's email domain. I've searched, but was unable to find instructions on doing so. I found several others asking the same thing, but no guide for how to go about it.

          Tom D.

          Cobham AvComm (previously Aeroflex)

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            I just went through this myself, due to a corporate edict that changed our email domain name.  You can change your email address on SupportNet rather easily, just by editing your profile.  You will get an email in return, officially acknowledging the change.  However, the change does not migrate automatically to the Communities/Ideas site, which runs under a different web application (from Jive Software).  You end up losing access to all of your original content and votes, because you get registered as a new user.  So then, you need to open a SupportNet Service Request to restore access to your original Jive username.  Someone from Global Support will get in touch with you and fix the problem.  It took two weeks to get this issue resolved for me, but now Mentor has a process in place to handle the change.

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              It is good to know that they have a process in place now.  When I went through it, I had to basically start over on my Jive account.

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                Yes, Jeff - I remember that. It wasn't all that elegant. But things have improved since then, and changing that data on the communities side with out 'starting over' has been improved considerably.


                For any community member whose email is changing or has changed for Support Center access, pls contact me so we can make the necessary adjustments on your Communities account. Once changed on the Support Center side, changes need to be made on your Communities record so the single sign on will continue working.

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                  Well, since my post on this subject in March, there has been an ongoing, bothersome issue that resulted from changing my email address on this website.  When that occurred, my username was automatically changed to my email address, without my knowledge.  By September, I was receiving an increasing number of emails from unknown parties, either providing me with unrequested information, or asking me if I wanted industry-based email lists.  When I finally did a web search for my new email address, the only place it appeared was on the Mentor Communities site, which does not require an account for read access.  I also discovered that the site provides no way for a user to change their own username, but Mentor did quickly make that change for me.  However, the random emails continue, almost daily, with no end in sight, and I have had to set up Outlook rules to automatically delete the repetitious ones.


                  My understanding is that this was a Jive issue that has since been corrected.  Unfortunately, the fallout cannot be corrected, until my email address and I are retired.

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                    Thanks, Al. Yes, that was an unfortunate occurrence and I'm sorry it happened. If there is anything you think I can do to mitigate the fallout, please let me know.

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                      For some reason I can't send a direct message to you.  My company recently was purchased by another company and I want to make sure I go through the proper process when changing my email address so I don't lose all of my Community history like I did the last time.  I haven't submitted anything to support as of yet since I wanted to check with you first on the process.  What do I need to do?




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                        Jeff – please email details to me at Gordon_sorensen at mentor.com (new address, old address, when change will be in place if not currently). I will also coordinate with support on this side. They may need to have a separate personal note from you on the change as verification.

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