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    Central Lib Partition reserve issue?


      Not sure if this is an issue or just the way it works?

      If I choose to edit a decal by opening it from xDM Library Tools, great it opens and I can edit it fine, I then want to open another decal

      and make a change. I then from within Decal editor choose File/Open from there and i get the error message

      "Unable to reserve Central Library partition. You can update reservation in xDM Library Tools."

      If I click OK the decal still opens & I can still save the decal.

      Question is this really an issue?

      If it is, I'm guessing that means I would need to either open each decal I need to edit from xDM Library Tool (very slow process!!!!) Or if I choose to

      keep opening decals after the first one from decal editor I would need to go back out to xDM Library Tool and reserve the partition for the decal I am editing somehow???

      Again very cumbersome?

      Searched but did not see anything related to his particular partition issue?