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    eDXD view control


      Is there any way of controlling the view size in eDXD when selecting a part in xPCB? Appreciate that you want to 'find' the component, but without resizing around the symbol in eDXD would surely be better - leaving at full view would be handy, but still selected.

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          In the DxD settings windows you can control how DxD behaves during crossprobing




          By selecting/deselecting the "Zoom Fit to selected Objects" you can control the zooming


          regards, Charles

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            Works fine in DxDesigner, no problem with that. It is how to control the eDXD view when running Expedition - this still defaults to resizing around selected component

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              At the moment there is no control for this from within the tools.

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                One more reason to finally introduce a xDXD read only option, that would solve this. No need to use this awkward eDxD Viewer ;-)

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                  I always open xDXD in "ReadOnly Mode" when opening the schematic from Xpedition.  ( Setup -> Design Entry)

                  Mentor has a vb script available to do this.







                  This  method to do this is described in technote  MG516885


                  Invoking DxDesigner in Read-Only Mode For Cross Probing From Expedition PCB

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                    Hi Charles,

                    I am not sure if you are aware of the movement to inspire Mentor to ditch eDxD Viewer.

                    The alternative would be to have xDxD Designer function as read-only, no-license, as a viewer.

                    If you use the license, then you add the full functionality of the xDxD tool.


                    Your suggestion is well know, but if you try to read a design on a read only medium. e.g. a CD (remember them?) then you will not be able to do this, because the xDxD will still try to read/write to the dir where the design is located.

                    So even if the option exists to start xDxD with the -readonly switch, it is not a real read only modus.

                    Plus, there is a case, i don't remember the details, where you can override the read only flag and happily modify the design.

                    Having said that the read only option that you are mentioning is a pseudo-read only imitation, not a real read only  function.


                    So please join us in the idea web site and support the read only xDxD tool idea.