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adding Name property to link components with double click in xDx VX1.1

Question asked by davide.palmisano1 on May 11, 2016


I am missing a really useful feature available in DxDEsign in EE795.

This is useful when getting portions of schematics from other designers from different design teams with different project settings with respect to yours.

In order to quickly assigning  Name property to a link component (e.g. offsheet, onsheet) which was left void, you could select the netname property of the net attached to the link special component and, then, assigning simply by clicking onto the link symbol.


I am no longer able to do the same in xDx with VX11. is it a fail or mine or had the feature gone?

Would it be possible to restore it for next updates? It was very very useful to me

I am aware I could change the setting to "automatically propagate the name property" , select all onsheet/offsheet/bidir symbol page by page, disconnect and reconnect for getting automatically  the proper assign, but it is more useful to me navigating and fixing the missing names manually (believe or not).


is there any way of automation I can create for getting it?


Thanks in advance


Best regards


Davide Palmisano