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    Stream out a part of design specify by coordinates


      Hi All,

      Is there a way of streaming out or creating a subset of a gds specified by coordinates ??

      Thanks a lot.

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          CalireDRV can probably do what you want.


          CalibreDRV has "clips". The main idea with clips is that you can single out parts of a layout you want others to look at, which makes sense since CalibreDRV was originally designed as a light-weight, speedy layout viewer. However, it has the ability to "export" these clips, a process that creates a cute little layout that is a piece of a much larger layout.


          Now, it may be possible -- though I've never seen it -- to specify the clips with some sort of text command that takes coordinates, but I've always just drawn the clip. It's easy; just gotta click the right button. The export clip command has a bunch of options so you can include only hierarchical cells in the clip, cut things off hard at the clip boundary or get a more ragged edge, select what layers are included, etc.


          Something to look out for: you have to remember that the clip windows don't honor snap settings when you draw them, so you have to zoom in real close and make sure your corners are on-grid or you can get off-grid shapes when exporting with a hard cutoff at the edge. If you get off-grid shapes, it is fixable in CalibreDRV by selecting the shape and changing the corner coordinates in the object editor window. However, a typical clip export is going to have a lot of shapes, probably in a lot of hierarchical cells, so it's just a lot easier to get the clip window borders right before the export.

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            What Vernon said.  Incidentally, there is a way to type in the coordinates but you'll need to type in full commands. 


            Assuming you are in one of the layout viewers like DESIGNrev, you can enter these commands in the terminal window from which you invoked the viewer.  The command to create the clip based on coordinates is "$L create clip $CELL -clip {X1 Y1 X2 Y2}" where $L and $CELL are previously-defined layout and cell handles, and X1 Y1 are the lower-left coordinates of the region, and X2 Y2 are the upper right.  Once you have a clip, create a GDS from it with "$L gdsout filename -clipsAll", where $L is the same as for create clip and filename is the name for the new GDS.  The commands are documented in the calbr_drv_ref.pdf in the documentation directory.  The $L create clip page has an example that includes setting up $L and $CELL.  Example 2 in the page on $L gdsout may also be helpful.


            There are also ways to save regions of the layout from a batch run (add LAYOUT WINDOW and a Results Database for just that region, for instance)  but there is far more overhead with copying all the layers, setting maximum results, and so on.  Doable, but not really recommended unless this is something you'll want to re-use on an automated basis.

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              Vernon and Samantha,

              Thank you both.