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Automated Screenshot of xPCB Layout Layers

Question asked by fuba on May 13, 2016
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I am looking for a way, to make automated screenshots of layout sections.

Currently to do this, I am using the window handle of the xPCB Aplication.


  • pcbApp.Gui.HWND


when I do a shot then I get the complete window, but no artwork, just the black window.


This shot here is ok, but made with a screenshot tool like (Win7 Snipping Tool)


The Screenshot .Net class I have is working, I am using it also for other projects.


Another Idea was now, to search the xPCB window for subwindows. I did that, and found around 100 Handles.

I shooted them all, but none of them included my PCB/artwork.


Has someone an Idea, how to get fractions / sections / excerpts  of a whole PCB / View to a bitmap, or PDF or ...

Or how to get the right handle (HWND) of the PCB window ?


Thanks in advance