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Modifying Label object's Origin property (in Perl)

Question asked by vkhurana on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by vkhurana

I am using Perl for a script that adds nets to components in xDX Designer.  The problem is that for those properties (of an object) that are of types both, read and write, cannot be modified or I am not doing it right.  Specifically, I need to change the label object's Origin property so that it's different from the default 0 to say, 9.  Here's what I am doing:


# add net label $net_label = $new_net->AddLabel($net_seg_one, $net_name, $net_label_x_loc, $pin_y_loc);  # modify origin $net_label->Origin(9);


Above $net_label is an object (I have verified this using print statement which says hash reference) and the line below that is supposed to change the origin of that label object (i.e. $net_label) to 9, which equates to lower-right.  But the origin does not change and there's no error produced either.  I have tried putting 9 in double quotes (i.e. requirement for a string in Perl or even used a variable in parenthesis for Origin but nothing yet).  Any idea how to change Origin?  Works fine in VBScript but not Perl. 


Thanks for your time.