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pwrshell failed

Question asked by sindregeorgsen on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by sindregeorgsen

I'm having issues with PADSVX.0 licensing. I have the license file of my company (Node-locked, mobile compute), the USB dongle and I've installed both the license and application software. When starting PADS I get this error message: "no license found for pwrshell".

The pwrshell feature is not mentioned in the  license file and as far as I know this is correct.


I've run the pcls_ok tool and it says that the pwrshell "...was successfully checked out"

Tested the dongle by using Mentor License Utility, checked OK.


The environment variable (system) is set to correct path (C:\MentorGraphics\License_Files\license.txt


Please help.


Best regards,

Sindre Georgsen