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    Removing Symbol refernce from Part editor


      I am trying to remove the symbol reference from part PDB , Without deleting the symbol itself.

      I found script which find successfully the correct partition and part then open pin mapping , browse symbol reference and delete the reference for no default.

      The script runs without error but the symbol reference still exist.

      what is wrong why symbolerefernce.delete()did not perform the function.?


             Dim mapping

           Dim copied_pt

           Dim PartName

            Set copied_pt = pt.Copy(PartName,PartName,"")

             Set mapping = copied_pt.PinMapping

             Set syms = mapping.SymbolReferences(False)


             For Each sym In syms

              symName =sym.Name

              If sym.Default = True Then

               symName = symName & "- Default"

               ' Debugging

               msgbox "4.1- symbol name is : " &symName


               symName = symName & "- NotDefault"

               ' Debugging

               msgbox "4.2- symbol name is : " &symName

               If symname = "generic_syms:RESF" Then

                ' Debugging

                msgbox "4.3- symbol isnot default but  is generic : " &symName


                Set symRef = syms.Item(2)



                ' Debugging


                msgbox "4.4- symbol isnot a default symbol and isnot generic symbol : " &symRef.Name

                 symRef.Delete() ' error message the operation isnot allowed

                ' Debugging

                msgbox "4.5-Delete symref "

               End If

              End If

             Next ' End of symbols Loop