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Generating Component Placement List (CPL) file (using scripts?)

Question asked by lgalantai on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by jeff@viavi

Hi everyone!


Most of our PCB-s are assembled by automated pick and place machines. Because of this we need to generate a CPL file very often. For this we use a very obsolete and inconvenient method where you have to modify a lot of thing by hand to get the final result. We didn't have problems with is yet, but I'd prefer a more productive way to generate such a file (txt, csv, excel.... ). My problem is I can't find a way to do this in expedition. If there is a way to generate these files please tell me how could I manage this.


However I found one way to do this, and it is scripting. Well I'm not much of a programmer but I've tried to use the help's: Exercise 6 (Generating a component CSV file). I copy-pasted it to a text editor and wanted to use it (first I made the via counting script which worked fine), but the component CSV script had problems with the licensing phase, I've found out that the function is not defined in the script and I had to copy it from the via counter script. But now it complains about the WriteHeaders subroutine which is also not defined so the complain is correct, but I couldn't find this function anywhere, so I cant put it in the script. I guess the same would happen with WriteComponents... etc... functions, because none of the is defined in the script. Although help says the following: ''Use the scripting editor of your choice to enter the script described (including the license server function) and save the script as ComponentCVS.vbs.'' etc... This happened, and every other thing help wrote. But according to my programming knowledge if a function is not defined it wont work. Even if there's another way to generate the CPL file, I'd like to get this script working to, because it would be grate for unique export options.

Here's a picture about the issue:


XPCB script error.JPG


I've attached the script too.


Thanks for the help!

Best regards!

Laszlo Galantai