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Symbol Editor - difficulty selecting overlapping properties

Question asked by urb on May 28, 2016

I'm editing/customizing a title block symbol. Some of the properties, such as @PRINTORDER and @SHEETTOTAL, are very close to each other horizontally. In this case, I want to see 'm of n' on the title block.


The name of the leftmost property, @PRINTORDER, is quite long so it overlaps with the @SHEETTOTAL property. The problem comes when I want to select one of the two overlapping properties such as @PRINTORDER, I can't do so - the @SHEETTOTAL property is selected. Even if I zoom in so that there space between the letters of @SHEETTOTAL and I directly click on one of the @PRINTORDER letters...the @SHEETTOTAL property is selected.


I was able to use the tcl window to select the @PRINTORDER property using the following sequence.

1. Click on the overlapped properties and @SHEETTOTAL is selected

2. Observe the object instance number of @SHEETTOTAL property in the tcl window

nse::selectitems 81

3. Select both @PRINTORDER and @SHEETTOTAL propertys by drag select. Note that the object instance number of @PRINTORDER is 81


nse::selectitems {75 81}

4. Select the @PRINTORDER property only using the following tcl command.


nse::selectitems 75

At this point the @PRINTORDER property is selected. Yeah!

But when I attempt to move this property, the selection changes to the @SHEETTOTAL property, so I can't now move the @PRINTORDER property


I've read through the symbol editor manual and looked through the settings. I can find no way to toggle through different items that are overlapping.


It would be nice if text selection worked like graphic selection. That is, if I click *inside* of a rectangle, the rectangle isn't selected. It is selected only if I click on one of the lines that makes up the rectangle. Text doesn't appear to work this way - clicking on white space between the letters causes text to be selected. In the case of overlapping text objects, which overlapping text object will be selected is not clear.


As a followup experiment I created two roughly equal length text objects. One text object had a number of spaces at the beginning while the other had a like number of spaces at the end. When I overlapped these text objects and clicked in the middle of the overlapped areas with the spaces, in both cases the same text object was selected. It appears that if the cursor is inside of a text bounding box then that text will be selected. Which text object is selected uses an unknown algorithm (lowest object ID?).


Hopefully I'm missing something and there's an easy solution. My workaround is to move whatever is selected (that I don't want to be selected) out of the way, position the now non-overlapping object at the desired location, then reposition the object that was moved. Any ugly hack at best...