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3D via modelling in hyperlynx v9.2

Question asked by 9dc1212f-cb89-8a24-0100-014e727abccf on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by rocco_gruschwitz

I am using hyperlynx v9.2 for 3D EM simulation, i have exported 3D area of differential via from board sim and assigned the ports, while simulating in MGRID it asks for meshing frequency i gave it as 6GHz and then simulated upto 6GHz. In simulation window it asked for number of points i gave it as 100. It simulated within 2 minutes which is very less time as compared to other softwares. When i imported s parameters in touchstone viewer return loss(S11)  and insertion loss (S21) graphs are not proper.I think it is not simulating all points.

Can you please help me where i am lagging.