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ADMS error during spice simulation

Question asked by edward1 on May 29, 2016


I am doing a Serdes spice simulation using Hyperlynx 9.3. I am trying to incorporate a driver spice model as well as a connector touchstone model into the schematic. But, when both these models are incorporated, the tool gives an error saying, "Error: (eldo-1), unable to file models/SP-75594-0002_rev1.s16p". If I remove the connector model and use only the spice driver model in the schematics, the tool doesn't give any error and completes simulation.


I made sure that the said s-parameter file is inside the model library path. In fact the tool lets me assign models for the connector pins. Moreover, the tool doesn't give any error, if I replace the driver spice model with an ibis model and proceeds with simulation.


1. If I am using only spice model inside the schematic, the tool doesn't throw up any error.

2. If I am using ibis model and s-parameter model, the tool doesn't throw up any error.

3. If I am using both spice and s-parameter models inside the schematics, the tool gives the said error and simulation doesn't proceed.


I understand that ADMS is the simulator used for spice simulations. Can this be a licensing issue? or a simulation setting issue?



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