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ECO Errors from PADS Logic to PADS Layout

Question asked by parth.sutariya on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by jduquette

Hello All ,


We are facing ECO errors in generating correct data for placement files .


Sometimes even though the component is placed on the top and placement files is generated component gets swapped in placement file that is component layer comes out to be bottom and vice versa .


We use the ECO option ' Compare Names and Rename Nets and Parts as Necessary ' from PADS logic to PADS Layout before generating a placement file.


Swapping is found when

( 1 ) Component values are changed .

( 2 ) Some interfaces are directly removed from schematic .


But when we use the ECO option ' Compare Names but Prefer Add/Delete Parts to Renaming ' while facing this problem of swapping , parts do not get swap in placement file .Correct data is generating in the placement file with the above ECO option .



Why is it so ? Actually such errors should not be observed even if we choose ' Compare Names and Rename Nets and Parts as Necessary ' .


So please provide necessary guidance for the same .


How can we avoid such errors ?