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    Pass The REFDES Value From DxDataBook


      Hi, is it possbile to pass the REFDES value to a component in the schematic from the databook? I created different symbol for my RESISTORS table (resistor.1, jmp_resistor.1, etc,..) leaving the REFDES property value empty


      In the databook i made a field named REFDES. Every component on the table have different REFDES value included "?" character (e.g: R?, JR?, etc..)


      The PCB interface give me some error:


      pcb: Note 6062: sym RESISTORS:JMP_RESISTOR: REFDES=: Changing property value to U?


      pcb: Note 6062: sym RESISTORS:RESISTOR: REFDES=: Changing property value to U?


      how can i edit the pcb config file to set custom refdes to the symbols?