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Pass The REFDES Value From DxDataBook

Question asked by nicola.fiorucci on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by nicola.fiorucci

Hi, is it possbile to pass the REFDES value to a component in the schematic from the databook? I created different symbol for my RESISTORS table (resistor.1, jmp_resistor.1, etc,..) leaving the REFDES property value empty


In the databook i made a field named REFDES. Every component on the table have different REFDES value included "?" character (e.g: R?, JR?, etc..)


The PCB interface give me some error:


pcb: Note 6062: sym RESISTORS:JMP_RESISTOR: REFDES=: Changing property value to U?


pcb: Note 6062: sym RESISTORS:RESISTOR: REFDES=: Changing property value to U?


how can i edit the pcb config file to set custom refdes to the symbols?