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Newbie help: General setup of model in FloTHERM XT

Question asked by hugofalk on Jun 13, 2016
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I'm currently trying to set up a model in FloTHERM XT where I have a PCB ready for import through .idf format. Everything goes great, but I'm getting weird values when comparing to measurements. How should I set up the model if I am to analyse a PCB with heat sources inside an air-tight enclosure? I'm interested in some surface goals on the components to match against my measurements. The simulation is meant to be rough to see the possibility of using it in early design, so the enclosure is to be a simple box, with a PCB inside.


EDIT: In this enclosure, I also have a heat pad that engulfs the components on the back of the PCB, which is then connected to an aluminum back plate. How do I model this without errors in solving as the meshing complains at this moment. I've done this as a cuboid with a set thermal conductivity now. Is there a way to do this with a TIM instead?