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    Unable to get rid of exception in VB .NET Code (Exception - Unable To Allocate Object Collection)


      Hi All,


      We are reading all the design components from Dx-Designer schematic using the following piece of code with an intention to use all these objects again later on in the code.

      But we are continuously getting the exception which says 'Unable to allocate object collection'. Following is a part of the code where we are facing this issue:


      collComps = VdApp.DesignComponents("", VdApp.GetProjectData.GetiCDBDesignRootBlock(iCDBDesigns), "-1", "STD", True)

      For jk = 1 To collComps.Count

                              objComp = collComps.Item(CInt(jk)) ERROR IS OCCURING HERE

                               tempsplittkk = Split(objComp.GetName(0), "\")


      Request you to check and suggest if there is any solution to this.

      Any quick solution would be appreciated.


      Thank you,