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Custom Anti-pads Not Working!

Question asked by rflowers on Jun 16, 2016
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I need help getting the tool to use my custom anti-pad settings within each padstack.


I normally have the toggle 'use design rules for thermals and antipads' (inside Options > Split/Mixed Plane) turned on when designing a board in PADS, thus any custom anti-pad settings inside the pad itself get ignored (the way I want it to be).


However, in this design, I have a need to have a custom anti-pad setting for a square anti-pad.  So, I would think no problem, I just turn off (don't check) the toggle 'use design rules for thermals and antipads', and set my custom anti-pad settings, and the system will use them.


I set the anti-pad settings within SETUP > PADSTACKS to what I want (a 49 mil square anti-pad on inner layers for a particular padstack).  I am using plane areas and not copper pours.  But, when I run the plane area, it is not seeing the custom square anti-pad.


There has to be some setting that is not setup right.  What am I missing?





Here are some screenshots