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What does the 'gap' in Parallelism (high speed rules) mean?

Question asked by rflowers on Jun 16, 2016
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Another question:


I am needing to use the high speed rules for the first time, and am learning what it can do.


I am confused on the 'Parallelism' rules however.  You can enter a length maximum that traces can run parallel, but it also lists a 'gap' that you can enter.


The help files say:



Traces on the same layer that are checked for running parallel to each other.

The traces are subject to crosstalk if they run parallel to each other too long and the gap between them is too short.


So, I the gap would have to mean that any traces that are closer to each other than this 'gap' value would be flagged as a DRC, right?  However, it is not working that way, the DRC is not only not catching a DRC due to being closer than the 'gap' value, it is also not flagging a DRC for traces running 8 mils apart that are going 7 inches together in length (my gap value is 200 mils and my length value is 1000 mils, so way over on both counts, yet no DRC), what I am not understanding?