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    No way to DRC for matched lengths with the high speed tool?


      We have the older 'Advanced Rules Set' option which includes the high speed tool options


      Apparently, there is no way to designate a set of nets into a class and then have them all DRC checked to be within a certain length overall or to each other.


      Is this correct?


      Here is the help file note on the 'matching option' of the high speed tools, note that it seems to be just for autorouting and there is no way to DRC check it.



      Some routers can automatically route traces with matched lengths. For
      example, traces for differential pairs have matched lengths in order to
      avoid signal timing skew between the signals.

      • Match lengths check boxSpecifies to automatically route traces with matched lengths.
      • Tolerance—Specifies
        the maximum permissible difference between the shortest and longest
        lengths between traces in the matched-length group.

      Restriction: PADS Layout does not check length-matching rules.