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    validating eye mask in differential signals.


      There is slight confusion while viewing signal quality for ddr4 single ended as well as differential signals, In datasheet it is mentioned:-

      VIH(ac)-min=750 mV

      VIH(dc)_min=700 mV

      VIH(dc)_max=500 mV

      VIH(ac)_max=450 mV


      whereas for differential signals it is mentioned as

      VIH(ac)_diff_min  = 300mV

      VIH(dc)_diff_min = 200 mV

      VIH(dc)_diff_max = 200 mV

      VIH(ac)_diff_max = -300 mV


      so i should consider eye mask from 300 to -300 mV for differential signals or add 600 mV in it to get eye mask from 900 to 300 mV, signals DQS_c and DQS_t will never come to -300 mV.


      WHAT IS THE INTERPRETATION FROM -300 TO 300 mV, Does this is simply specifying the voltage swing or voltage levels ?