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    New to DxDesigner need help



      I am new to DxDesigner. I need to  draw schematic and run simulation (DC,AC ,Transient) to check the circuit . Can anyone help me how to do that?

      My DsDatabook is updated .

      I draw a simple schematic with 2 register (1k) in series and attach the 5V source there. But when I run the simulation It is saying its not getting the value for resistors .

      Why is that ?

      The register is showing 1k in properties .



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          Thanks for your post, Aeysha. I am going to move your post to a more appropriate product focused community for DxDesigner. It will be seen by more users there. This community is for questions and suggestions on the community in general. Thanks again.

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            I hope you have called support, as I just saw this today, but when using simulation additional properties are required on the component.


            We have a wizard to assist in adding these properties, simply right mouse button, Add Simulation Model Properties.


            The short answer is to just go to the Properties tab, and press OK and you will see the new HLA properties add in the properties window.



            The second method would be to manually add the Order properties to the Symbol for the netlister to read.  For a resistor this would typically be Order=Value$