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"Wrong Hardware Key or Ethernet ID in license file" error during install

Question asked by ChangeMe_112880 on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by ChangeMe_112880

I'm installing my PADS Flow program on a Win 10 OS as a node locked key.  If I run lmtools I can see my Flex ID number and also ethernet id and in the license file these 2 numbers are the same.  But when I run the "install license file" option in the setup splash screen for a node locked licence (with a newly downloaded license file) I get an error message that says" Wrong hardware key or ethernet ID in license file.  Valid host ids are xxxxxxxx"  (where the number shown is my ethernet id not my hardware key id).  Also when I run lmtools I notice the radio button for "configure for services" rather than configure for license file" is checked and the lmtools program always starts this way even if I change the radio button.  Could this be the problem"