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Extremely high current density???

Question asked by charles.ietswaard1 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by matthias.cosaert

I am running a DC drop simulation on a 1.2V plane. The plane connects the VRM to 4 pins on a connector and to a bead (that connect to an FPGA).

The current to the connector (J7) is 2.2A and to the bead flows 0.5A.


For some reason the bead is not recognized (i think) and Hyperlynx has added a VTP (Virtual Test Point ???).


I have set the models ;




The  padsizes for the connector and the bead are more or less the same.  The simulation shows a current density of 1.6A/mm2 for the connector pads.

but for the bead it shows an current density of 246A/mm2.  I asume that this is caused by the fact that Hyperlynx does not recognizes the bead and add

a VPT instead ( with no dimensions).


Does any one of you know what is happening here and how to solve this???



regards, Charles