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Units & clearance rules

Question asked by wolferm on Jul 6, 2016

Using VX.1.2 Integrated Flow.

Units in DxDesigner inches & units in Layout mm, I know there was a discussion about this quite awhile ago, can't seem to find it again.

Because of round off with schematic in inches and board in metric .25 traces get changed to .25001 in layout.

Was there any solution to this problem since? If the schematic is changed to metric what are the ramifications there. Will that

generate more problems in schematic.


Clearance rules, back in netlist flow layout we had the ability to set smd to smd clearance which helped greatly when dealing with only a few parts

that where finer pitch that you wanted the rest of the board to set at for clearance. That capability is now gone in integrated flow & constraint editor.

We can use component or decal rules, however Verify Design still flags them as errors, and yes we can use Latium Design Verify,

But then we are relying to two DRC's one you get some errors the other, other errors.

This seems to be a real kludge!!!!! All rules should be set in one place and all of the DRC capability should check all the rules from that one place.

Is there any other solutions fro this problem.