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Assign incorrectly COM Express touchstone models in MultiBoard Project

Question asked by hungreohd on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by lmccrocklin1

Hi all,

I'm a newbie in HyperLynx SI. My project is to export s-parameter of high speed nets and get insertion/return loss.

I have an issue when trying to import COM Express models which connect two board together.

The COM Express model is 32 ports touchstone model but the real COM Express is 440 pins. So when I import this connector model, I only use 4 ports for SATA_TX_P/N signals.

Port 1 --> SATA_TX_P (P3's Pin 16 on Board 00)

Port 2 --> SATA_TX_N (P3's Pin 17 on Board 00)

Port 4 --> SATA_TX_P (P1's Pin 16 on Board 01)

Port 3 --> SATA_TX_N (P1's Pin 17 on Board 01)


Per datasheet of connector model, the port assignment is below:


Map schematic pins to S port numbers:


The results of simulation are fail. The insertion loss and return loss are swapped together.

The return loss:

The insertion loss:

I'm very happy if everyone give me any recommendation.


Thank you to all.