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Automation scripts (sch2pdf and others) - Blank in File-Names

Question asked by gw@byk on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by gw@byk

Hi everyone,


I got the following problem: for some reason, within our company blanks (white-spaces) are allowed in file- and path-names. Up until now, there was no problem for me with this, but now I'm facing trouble: I wrote / adopted different vb-scripts that

  • exports the current design to a pdf- document (attached) and
  • generates the part list (according to the ipl file)

with just "one click" each. The scripts work fine, as long as there ain't any blank within the filename. From my point of view this is intelligible, as blanks are used to separate the arguments from each other; I've even found a workaround (mapping the top-most folder without a blank as a network drive) but this is just a temporary solution, as it is intended to centralize the scripts, so my colleagues can use the scripts too.


I appreciate any hint on how to solve this, many thanks in advance,