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Pads 3D component height

Question asked by franz.forstmayr on Jul 19, 2016
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i've updated an old design from PADS vx.1 to vx.1.2 to test the 3D functionality of PADS. On this board, i've three part types, which uses the 0805 decal. (2mm, 1,52mm and 1mm).

When i look at my design in the 3D viewer, every part type with the decal 0805 is shown as 2mm high, but each component has a valid Geometry.Height attribute, which works well in idf-export.

Why are the 2mm used for each 0805 decal, when each component has a Geometry.Height attribute? Is this a bug? I can't find any preferences for PADS 3D.

What can i do, to avoid this problem? Yours Franz