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    Pads 3D component height



      i've updated an old design from PADS vx.1 to vx.1.2 to test the 3D functionality of PADS. On this board, i've three part types, which uses the 0805 decal. (2mm, 1,52mm and 1mm).

      When i look at my design in the 3D viewer, every part type with the decal 0805 is shown as 2mm high, but each component has a valid Geometry.Height attribute, which works well in idf-export.

      Why are the 2mm used for each 0805 decal, when each component has a Geometry.Height attribute? Is this a bug? I can't find any preferences for PADS 3D.

      What can i do, to avoid this problem? Yours Franz

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          Hello Franz,

          I 'am using PADS VX1.2 with this powerfull 3D viewer.

          At this moment i'm building, for my own,an IPC7351 referenced 3D librairie using as support the existing librairies (7351L-N-M librairies of PADS) and associating them with 3D models (step format) with all height and L-N-M conditions values for related footprints (a lot of combinations ! )

          And I have not (yet) encounter the probleme you talking about.

          - be sure to use "." rather than "," when defining geometry height of components : 0.51mm and NOT 0,51mm.

          - be sure to select "selected component" rather than "all component" when updating presents components on board from librairie.

          - be sure to define the librairies priority order in "Librairie Manager"


          You may send me an PCB file or ASCII file of an example with a fictive board containing your criticals components and I will try to detect the origine of the probleme.

          (Sorry for my poor english capacity ! )

          Best regards.



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            If you want different 3D heights for your 0805s you will need different STEP models for each one.

            You can show the Geometry.Height "setting" in your 3D view by checking an option in the 3D setting dialog box. I think it's something like "Show 2.5D in 3D View". I don't know if PADS will use the 2.5D settings in its 3D clearance checking though.



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              Hello Friends,

              Within PADS 3D you have two choices:

              - You may see IDF 3D(blues)boxes defined by closed polygone on layer 125 (default) and geometrie.height in "mm" as you know,

              - or you may see realistics 3D models ,found on the web, in STEP format , imported and associated within footprint.

              When associated and saved in librairie (footprint and 3D model) as the part type file keep "in mind" the IDF values,you may overlay the realistic 3D model with the IDF blues boxes by using the "Overlay 3D models by 2.5D" option,

              This configuration is helpfull to instantanitly verify the concordance with all geometries.(and more)


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                Here an example of "Overlay 3D model with 2.5D" option:

                On the first image you can see realistics 3D models (some rows are unpopulated,so the IDF blues boxe appears)

                On the second image the IDF blues boxes overlay all 3D step models.


                3D EXEMPLE.jpg3D EXEMPLE-Overlay-Option.jpg