How to use Automation to change the borders.ini file location in Dx

Discussion created by russ.brown on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by vaijayanti.sankpal

Is there an object in EE2007.x that will allow me to change this while having a design open?  I can see that it is a text value in the .prj file, but I have a feeling that I cannot edit that successfully while the project is open.  Assuming I can change it somehow with the design open, I need a method to cause the borders to update to the new changed borders.ini file.  The fundamental problem is that the tool should really copy in the borders.ini file along with the template of the project prior to the first schematic being created.  The tool should really not even use the borders.ini file for the local properties, since the setup-settings-borders-properties dialog susually seems to be able to read the list of necessary properties right out of the icdB.