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correct settings for a design with an e.MMC component?

Question asked by bollenberg on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by bollenberg

I would like to route an e.mmc-component.


In this case, there is the special request that unused pins of the component are used for routing. That means, all unused pins of the component are defined "no connected" in the library. During the routing-process, the traces are routed above the unused connections:

This has the consequence, that a lot of drc-violations are generated. Is there a way to suppress these drc-messages respectively what is the best way to define this special design request in the design.

One way is to define a "large" symbol of the e.mmc where all unused pins are separtely led out and can be connected to the corresponding net in the DxDesigner. But by doing this way, the creator of the schematic have to decide the route strategy of the pcb-designer. This is not so practicalbe.

Otherwise I can "accept" the DRC-violations in the "Review Hazards"-menu. But each time, when I restart a batch-drc, I have to accept these violations again...


What would you recommend?