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How to plot currents (transient) on nets in "Map Schematic Nets to CalibreView"

Question asked by c_camezc on Feb 20, 2009
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What do I need to do to be able to plot currents using the "Map Schematic Nets to CalibreView Nets" window.  I can plot and export voltages to the Virutoso calculator.  But currents are no coming out.

When I select a net I see the Net R,C Totals and I see the Net Pins on that net.  In this case five different pins are on that net.  When I select one of the net pins then:

If I pick calculator expression->IT Plot I get the following error in CIW

*Error* strcat: argument #2 should be either a string or a symbol (type template = "S") - nil


If I pick Plot Selected nets->Current i receive the same error in the CIW


I am launching the "Map Schematic Nets to CalibreView Nets" window from the schematic not the calibre view, which is how it should work

In the Virtuoso ADE window under Outputs->Save All I am selecting "all" for everything also I am setting the "Set subcircuit probe level to 10"


What am I missing?