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Missing configuration files

Question asked by adove on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by kl_tanner

When I load L-Edit I get the following warning:

"The Workgroup and User configuration files do not exist. Workgroup: C:\MentorGraphics\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v2016.1\x64\ledit.ini User: C:\MentorGraphics\Users\[...]\Documents\ledit.ini"


This isn't a fatal error, but is irritating -- it prevents me from loading my macro files on start-up. I just upgraded from L-Edit v16 to L-Edit 2016.1, which is when the error began. I uninstalled L-Edit v16, tried to remove all traces of it, and also re-installed L-Edit 2016.1 to try to get the configuration file set-up correctly, but no luck.