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    Layer information not correct


      The old "Setup > Setup Parameters, Layer Stackup Tab" is gone in VX and replaced by the Stackup editor. However when I run a script to generate a Stackup drawing on a user layer it still gets old information from the old "Stackup Tab". How can I change the layer information marked in the attached picture? Im aware that Scripts are not officially supported, but where is this old information extracted from?



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          This is supposed to be fixed in VX.2, but for now there is a workaround.  This is what I got from Mentor support:


          "Use an environment variable temporarily to reinstate the Layer Stackup tab in Setup Parameters in the PCB, where the Description column (and only this column) is Read/Write, so the Description can be updated when needed; the environment variables hould be removed again afterwards, i.e. please do not continue to run with the Layer Stackup tab implemented after making the necessary changes (this was specifically highlighted by the Factory).  Thus, the procedure for making a Description change would be as follows:



          1.        Set the environment variable  MGC_ENABLE_STACKUP_TAB=1

          2.       Edit the Layer Description

          3.       UNSET the environment variable MGC_ENABLE_STACKUP_TAB"


          Here is some more information on it, https://communities.mentor.com/ideas/7845#comment-10057

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            Thanks for the workaround Jeff, lets hope it will be fixed permanently in coming release.