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    PCB Systems Design Feedback


      I didn't know where to post a generic question about this system,

      but I have set this community to "following" with the "email" option,

      and I used to get emails for new topics,

      but I just realized I haven't been getting anything lately.

      Did something change in the last few months?

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          You posted in the right spot, Jack. Sorry about the notification issue. I’ll admit, it can definitely be a bit tricky, and can some times shift a little bit based on quarterly updates that get applied. Will you please post a screen shot of your notification settings that you currently have set? You can find them in your Preferences, accessed thru the drop down by next to your avatar. I you prefer not to post the image in this thread, feel free to email to me at Gordon_sorensen at mentor.com.



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            sure! thank you for responding. now I'm wondering if Caterpillar is

            filtering these emails or something on my side...

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              I suspect not, and certainly hope not b/c I certainly appreciate your engagement in the communities. I had a similar report about a week ago from a colleague at Mentor - he hasn't been receiving the notifications for a while either. I will look for the screen shot, and hope to have an answer for you in a couple days.

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                Well, this morning I have at least ten emails from the system, so it is

                definitely working again.

                Maybe I just had to logon again after that system change. who knows...?

                anyway, thanks for offering to help