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HyperLynx Analog simulation error

Question asked by p_n on Aug 25, 2016

I am trying to run a simulation on a schematic using the HyperLynx Analog software. The schematic was created in PADS vx.1.2 using DxDesigner. I have downloaded and added the SPICE models for components like a fuse, common mode choke  and using in-built models for resistors, inductors and capacitors. When I hit the "Simulate" button it starts the simulation proces but in the end I get a error message as below:


"..\..\genhdl\1900_EMI\1900_EMI.spi(23): error -- usage -- vbase [file ...] [-cCEfFiIMOqQvV] [-e efile] [-o ofile] [-m numprocs] [-jwdbName ezwaveOutput]."


If I open the "1900_EMI.spi" file on line 23 it has the foll:


22   * Pin  is not connected

23   N1I452 E_GND

24    *Warning: No Value For N1I452.No Default


If someone could please explain the meaning of this error and how could it be resolved that would be great.