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Symbol cleanup

Question asked by on Aug 30, 2016
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I am using Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.1.1, when creating a new symbol from “Generate symbol from pinlist”,  I was able to utilize Preferences feature to get the symbol built per my settings. However, it does not have settings for the followings.  It is more of symbol cleanup, if you have any scripts that would work similarly, would you please provide or advise if there are alternatives that I can use?


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Symbol Body

Extents: 0.200 left and right of pins, 0.200 above and below.

Origin: At lower left intersection of pins and body.


Symbol Outline

Placement: at pins on left and right, at body on top and bottom


Pin Number

Text Align: Lower right (if on left) | Lower left (if on right)
Placement: 0.05 from body, 0.025 from whisker


Ref Designator
Text Align: Lower Center
Placement: center-top 0.05 from body
Visibility: visible


Placement: center-bottom 0.05 from body
Visibility: visible


Placement: center-bottom 0.200 from body
Visibility: non-visible


Part Number
Placement: center-bottom 0.350 from body
Visibility: non-visible