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3D and 2d DRC reporting

Question asked by milostnik on Sep 7, 2016

Hello All,

We are playing with the 3D option and have a question.

1)     Imagine you have a component hazard in 2D. You can accept it in the DRC window. Now you open a 3D view and do a 3D batch report: the previously accepted hazards show up again. Is there a way to accept 3D hazards, or is there an automatic way of propagating this kind of info from 2D into 3D?

2)     Imagine you are working on a board and you have imported a second board as step for verification. When moving a component in 2D and you bump into a component of the additional board, in the 2D view there is no indication, in the 3D view the whole board lightens up to show an error, but you really don't know where exactly you have bumped. How do you set up the additional board to highlight you only the component it bumps into?