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VBS script running HyperLynx 9.4 DDR4 simulation from commandline

Question asked by udo on Sep 7, 2016

Hi guys,


I have to do many HyperLynx DDR4 simulations and I like to automate this process by VBS scripting.

I know HL9.4 supports startup scripts on the commandline "bsw.exe -run startup.vbs".

Unfortunately I could not find appropriate documentation showing some examples how to do the following:


ThThe startup.vbs should do the following:

  1. a.      Load a .hyp file
  2. b.      Load the stackup file (.stk)
  3. c.       Load the component reference file (.ref)
  4. d.      Load the .bud file
  5. e.       load the .ddr file (Import)
  6. f.       run SI-simulation
  7. g.      if simulation is finished store simulation result data and leave HyperLynx


All the files to be loaded like .bud / .ref  /  .stk  / .ddr already prepared and ready to use.


  My question is: Are there methods in the programming visual Basic I/F doing the above procedure?


I like to get in conatct with somebody helping me to setup the script.

I'm familiar in programming but do not know the syntax and semantics of Mentor HL scipting.


I would appreciate if somebode can help me.


Thanks, Udo