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    Swap component




      I am still new to xDx designer, currently using version VX1.2

      I am trying to swap quickly component between each other to make the layout easier.

      For example, i have this resistor array (8 resistor in 1 IC), in the schematic they are placed as 8 individual resistor connected to different pin of the IC.

      I need to swap resistor RN1 which is between pin 2 to 15 with RN1 which is connected to pins 13 and 4. Currently, i disconnect both resistor, move them around to exchange position, but i guess there is a much easier way to do this.


      Thanks for your replies

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          Normally this is not done in xDx Designer but in xPCB Layout. There you have a dialog that does the swapping and than you can back annotate these changes to the schematic.

          But you can also change the pin numbers directly in xDxDesigner. But I believe this is as cumbersome as your approach.

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            Is this netlist flow or an integrated PADS project? If your parts are defined correctly you can use the 'slot' command in PADS DX Designer/xDX Designer to swap the parts. To get the command window open press the 'space bar' on the keyboard. Select the resistor and then type 'slot' in the command window, in the dialog that pops up choose the slot you want.

            if you are using the PADS integrated flow with a central library then use 'pdbslot' instead of slot in the same command dialog (and this applies to the Xpedition flow as well).

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