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Cell creation question

Question asked by mclark on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by stosetto

I am looking to create the cell for the attached connector from Wurth - Part number 74980111211.  I have a question as to how to best define the pads / mounting holes for this part.  This part has two alignment / location pegs that are plastic and require drilled holes.  As the pegs are plastic, these holes do not need to be plated.  There are also two solder pads for the case to get soldered to.  Here is where I would connect the net Chassis Ground.  The problem is that these solder pads encroach into the area of the mounting holes.  My question is: How do I properly define these features in PADS Professional?


I could:

- Place the mounting holes and pads a separate items, but won't this cause DRC issues later on down the line?