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Why is my current layer "not routeable"?

Question asked by john15 on Oct 6, 2016
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Using PADS VX.0



I receive the following when attempting to route any net on my bottom layer: "Interactive Route: Current Layer (A) Bottom (4) is not routeable;". Any particular net that I can't route on the bottom layer can be routed on the top layer. I can't find the difference between layer definitions or a rule I shouldn't have set.


Regarding the attachments:

* "Layout-Layers Setup.png" shows that my top and bottom layers have a similar split/mixed definition.

* "Layout-Default Rules.png" shows that my bottom layer is in the layer biasing list, same as the top layer.

* "Layout-AN1 Rules.png" shows the AN1 net rules match the default settings. This net can be routed on the top layer but not the bottom.

* "Rule Values Report.txt" seems to show the same as above. [LAYER BIASING] includes the bottom layer.