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    How Do You Validate PCB design? Valor or Expeditionpcb Builtin DFF?


      We have tried to use Expeditionpcb builtin DFF to check design, but not successful. We still use Valor to Validate PCB design. We have established Valor cluster to automatically run batch check and We developed tool to crossprobe betwen Valor report(html) and Expeditionpcb. A snapshot for crossprobing see below.


      Are you using the builting DFF to replace Valor? How do you think Expeditionpcb's Builtin DFF?

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          I was extremly disappointed in the lack of attention on the DFF module. We also used Valor currently for DFF checks and we thought it would be possible to match a considerable amount of checks up front early with the designers. I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the tool and the interface is the absolute worst I have seen in all of the mentor tools. It was so horrible I had to write scripts outside of mentor to be able to edit entries in the cell boxes easier. For example if I had a complex arrray of rules that was set up for a 6 layer board you could not easily transition to a 12 layer without INDIVIDUALLY selecting each box, one at a time and entering the value manually. There was no copy paste or copy tricks like CES and selecting the corners.  Another thing we attempted is bascially a design that mimics every DRC/DFF condition that it was supposed to check and I found specific problems with silkscreen checks and acute angles. It needs a serious amount of re-write and I shouldn't have to waste my time creating a test case to prove that some features are either confusing or not working all together. Even though I love the mentor expedition toolset; I can honestly say if they don't focus more effort on updates, this module will fail on the pcb market.


          I entered a reasonable amount of defects and ERs for this also.

          Read my MSDOC attachement to save yourself time.


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