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Conversion from Expedition to Pads

Question asked by zoufadong on Oct 14, 2016

Q1  Does anybody knows how to convert an expedition design to pads PCB design? is there any kind of tools available to do this kind of conversition?


Q2 is there a flow that allows both expedition and dxdesigner works on same schematics (it would be perfect that dxdatabook could also be involved in)?


expedition version 7.9.5

pads 9.2


Actually, the application scenario is there are 2 teams, let's say team A and team B, they need to work with each other. Team A works with EE7.9.4, team B works with pads 9.2.  After team A finished their design, team B needs to be able to continue work on this just finished design, so team B requires to be able to edit Expedition design.