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    How to create an option connector?




      On Vesys we can create options and variants. For wires I don´t have any problem.

      But what I want to do is to create for the same branch/bundle a connector option.



      Harness Variant/Option XXX-XXXXX

      Connector C001 - conn part number ???????


      Harness Variant/Option ZZZ-ZZZZZ

      Connector C001 - conn part number ??????


      So, basically I want to create an option connector.


      Is it possible?



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          In VeSys there isn't really a need to create an optional connector (although it does depend on your usage of options), by option tagging wires you are effectively optioning the connector.  We have written our own utility for splitting options out of a harness and the way that works is to delete any Connectors, Bundles that are empty after the wires have been deleted (clips/grommets associated to empty bundles are also deleted).